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Political Science

We offer a number of undergraduate political science study options. You can

  • obtain a four-year B.A. major in political science
  • as a visiting student, earn credits towards a credential at another university
  • enrol in a course(s) for personal interest

Why study political science?

First, political science at Athabasca University offers you an opportunity to better understand

  • society and how decisions are made within your own and other societies.
  • the impact of globalization upon society and government

Second, there are opportunities for employment. For example, there is a looming demand for public sector workers following a decade of downsizing and the pending retirement of baby boom generation civil servants. Governments will be hiring thousands of new workers in the next few years.

What will a B.A. in Political Science give me?

As a B.A. in Political Science graduate, you

  • will be prepared to engage in politics and the process of governing at all levels
  • will have honed your analytical, creative writing, communication, and research skills
  • can open doors to a career in
    • government at any level
    • law
    • journalism
    • education and public relations
    • or as analysts or researchers in international and non-governmental organization

This degree serves your educational and professional needs, be it in the public, private, or non-profit sectors in Canada and globally.

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