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Athabasca University

Faculty & Staff


Dr. Davina Bhandar
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Mark Crawford, D.Phil
Associate Professor and Coordinator, Political Science

Political Science Tutors

As course professors, we are supported by excellent tutors, each accomplished and experienced in their own right. Most of Athabasca University's tutors are employed part or full-time at other institutions.

  Selected Courses
Bill Bewick POLI 355, POLI 357
Mona Brash POLI 325
Cindy Kleinmeyer POLI 355, POLI 357
Jefferey Potkins POLI 278, POLI 309, POLI 330
Marc Poulin POLI 277, POLI 309, POLI 342
Natasja Treiberg POLI 309, POLI 330

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